Writing in the Future – revolution or evolution?

January 26, 2010

Checkout this article about how online reading is creating reading habits that might affect the way authors need to write.



  1. Very interesting article, but I hazard to say this is the future of literature. I definitely think a “new” literature is developing from this, but just as history goes through cycles so too will its media. After stories become so compact and dense with blunt-force people will begin to treat more careful structures and patient prose as unusual and valuable. I think all this means is that a potentially new and exciting form of communication is available for artistic expression – it will no more out-mode novels than computer art surpassing brush and canvas (clearly two distinct expressions for visual art).

    • Keechelus,
      Excellent points. I agree that writing novels on Twitter, for example, will simply lead to a greater diversity in writing formats. Just another innovative way of reaching a technologically literate audience and quite possibly a motivational tool for teaching students to write in different formats. Thank you for your insight into this article.

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