One perspective on the implications for teachers using videosharing and photosharing websites

July 14, 2009

Mr.G (psuedonym) gives his perspective on this very controversial issue. I agree that teachers do need to protect their privacy and should be very careful with the kinds of photos and videos that are posted of them. As role models, we should portray the image we advocate to our students… Practice what you preach. However, teachers are “human” and do deserve to have a night out, you just might want to be careful about who is behind that camera snapping your photo.


One comment

  1. Thanks for that video! When he talked about kids being able to search the Web so easily, I immediately thought of the iPod touch. You can access the Internet at any point in time with those. Recently, someone was telling me that she had to actually put a password on her router so that her daughter couldn’t access the Internet whenever she wanted. Apparently her daughter thought she could be sneaky and be on the Internet at 2 in the morning (she’s only 12) and not get caught. But her father is on Facebook and noticed some of her updates were quite early in the morning. It seems as though the Web is so easily accessible now – and that makes it easier for kids to access materials that are not appropriate for them and easier for them to post things that can are out of context (like Mr. G said).

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